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Mike Causey Wins NC Insurance Commissioner Post

As Reported In Autobody News (ABN) December 2016

An excerpt: 

"Mike Causy has extensive experience in the industry and is a widely known advocate of small to large auto body collision shops and for consumer issues that really matter for over 25 years and was a journalist for ABN guest column writer and commentator".  

Please Note These are a excerpts of the article published:  Mike Causey's statements are true of auto collision industry nationwide, not just of North Carolina.  We thought it may be of interest to our customers and add to their knowledge of auto body collision repair.  

"Unfortunately, The same problems still exist, 16 years later (Michigan since 2004).  In fact, despite the anti-steering  law, the problem's are lot worse today.  The control of the insurance companies exert seems to be worse, not just with the shop selection but also, with parts and repair decisions themselves.  They just have too much control over the repair process.  Insurers should pay the bill and let the shops perform repairs".     

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Frequently Asked Questions  From Our Customers

Do You Work With My Insurance Company?     

Yes.  Seppala's works with all insurance companies for the last 40 years.

Do You Guarantee Your Work And Parts That You Use?     

Yes.  Seppala's has Always guaranteed their work and parts for since 1978.

Why Is Seppala's Body Shop & Restoration Not On My Insurance Companies List Of Repair Shops?

So Glad you asked.....  Seppala's has never been on any insurance companies repair list, as we do not believe it is in the best interest of our customers and it is illegal. 

Why? You May Ask.....

1.  As a consumer and owner of your vehicle, You have the right to choose who repairs Your vehicle.  As You pay for your vehicle, for Your insurance premiums, and sign the authorization for repairs as a first party payer.  As the insurance company is considered  a third party payer.

2.  Seppala's Is A Business That Strives To Give Our Customers "Quality With Pride Of Workmanship" with each auto body repair.  In doing so, we adhere to a higher code of ethics  concerning our contract between our customers and our auto body shop .   When you sign the authorization for the repairs to be done on your vehicle, we are responsible to make sure you, our customer receives the highest grade repairs to bring your to vehicle back to "per-accident condition".

3.  Under Michigan Act 190 of 2004:  "This Act Of Law is designed to protect a consumers right to choose where they get their vehicle repaired.  It says:  An automobile insurance company and it's employees, agents and adjusters shall not unreasonably restrict an insured from using a particular person, place, shop or entity for the providing of any automobile repair or automobile glass repair or replacement service or product covered by the policy".

" Michigan Bureau Of Repair Facility Laws:  Section 4-2:  Defining the customer in insurance paid transactions: 

4-2.1 Definition In any repair transaction, the "customer" is the owner of the  vehicle.....  brought in for service or repair.  In a damaged vehicle transaction, the customer is NOT the insurance company....  unless the customer has given the insurance company a written, signed authorization to act as his or her agent in the transaction.

4-2.2  Authorization.  Approval for repairs, may be given only by the owner of the vehicle....when repairs are requested".

 Federal  Anti Trust Laws with the 1963 Federal Consent Decree attachment, states  in it's contents what  was going on with auto insurance companies and how it was affecting the auto body industry.  It also states who was in charge of the repairs to Your vehicle and explains why the insurance companies wanted to have "direct repair progam"  (DRP), a list of repair providers .  To see  the Anti Trust Laws , and the 1963 please enter into your web browser line.  Also, If you would like to see the Michigan Bureau Of Repairs Facility Law book, we will gladly let you read a copy in our office.

4.  Legally, We can not have a signed contract with our customers and have a signed contract with the insurance companies.  If we had  a signed contract with any  of the insurance companies it would be a "Breach Of Contract" with you, our customer. 

Your insurance company may say, "You will have to pay the difference for what that shop charges". This word track is not correct, according to your insurance policy in terms of loss.  Many times there are inside engine compartment, behind the bumper, fender damages. Please Note:   In any kind of collision, a damaged vehicle's repairs may vary, and additional damage may be found upon opening up the damaged areas, which is not uncommon.  There is often a supplement for these damages which is sent to your insurance company, the insurance company pays the additional supplement amount of damages, not you the insured/customer.  Minus any deductible that is due.

Another, "word track"the insurance company may say "Seppala's is not on our list."  Just, let them know that you know what your rights are in owning and having Your vehicle repaired,in Michigan and federal laws.  Let them know "I  have read my policy under it's terms of loss, and I know full well,   that I  do not have to take my car or truck to the list of shops you gave me."

Please, Don't let these "word tracks" and your insurance company try to "steer you" to another shop which is not  your choice of Seppala's Body Shop & Restoration .

Some of you may be asking "Who is Seppala's  Body Shop & Restoration working for?

Well, this may surprise all of you .    We , at Seppala's are working for you.  You are our Boss, because our  Quality With Pride Of  Workmanship"  Shows.  Everyone who see's your vehicle when it is banged up in a collision, deer hit, or fender bender in the grocery store parking lot , will know that it needs to repaired and it is your vehicle that you use to get back and forth with to work, school, church, or the store.  Our customers are our bosses because they sign our checks if they are happy with our work,.   This is important to us, as you are the end users of our business and  of this industry, and we have to make it count., so that your vehicle is not undervalued , that it is back to pre-accident  shape, before it was damaged.