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Seppala's Body Shop & Restoration

645 Douglas St. N.W.
Grand Rapids, MI 49504
Call:  (616) 459-1945

I-Car and State Of Michigan Certified  In Auto Body Repairs,

& Collision RelatedMechanical Repairs


Frequently Asked Questions  From Our Customers

Do You Work With My Insurance Company?     

Yes.  Seppala's has worked with all auto insurance companies for the last 40 years.

Do You Guarantee Your Work And Parts That You Use?     

Yes.  Seppala's has Always and will continue to guaranteed their work and parts.  We have been doing this  since 1978.  Please know, most manufacturers of OEM, and after market both guarantee their part, and so the warranty is though them...  Not your Insurance Company, as they do not own our repair facility or the parts manufacturers.

Why Is Seppala's Body Shop & Restoration Not On My Insurance Companies List Of Repair Shops?

So Glad you asked.....  Seppala's has never been on any insurance companies repair list, as we do not believe it is in the best interest of our customers, because it is your choice which repair shop you take your vehicle to.  Besides, is ILLEGAL on many levels. 

Why Is It Ilegal, and on what levels? You May Ask?  

1.  As a consumer and owner of your vehicle, You have the right to choose who repairs Your vehicle.  As You pay for your vehicle, for Your insurance premiums, and sign the authorization for repairs as a first party payer.  As the insurance company is considered  a third party payer by the State of Michigan Law.

A.  Seppala's Is A Business That Strives To Give Our Customers "Quality With Pride Of Workmanship" with each auto body repair.  In doing so, we are able to adhere to a higher code of ethics  concerning your repairs and our contract between you, our  customers and our auto body shop .  

B.  You see, when you sign the authorization for the repairs to be done on your

vehicle, we are responsible to make sure you, our customer receives the highest

grade of repairs to bring your to vehicle back to "pre-accident condition". 

2.  So, Why Is It Illegal?  It is illegal to have a signed contract with our customers

when we have a signed contract with a insurance company. 

What Makes illegal?  Due To It Is A "Breach of Contract."

A.  Under Michigan Act 190 of 2004:  "This Act Of Law is designed to protect a

consumers right to choose where they get their vehicle repaired.  It says:  An automobile insurance company and it's employees, agents and adjusters

shall not unreasonably restrict an insured from using a particular person,

place, shop or entity for the providing of any automobile repair or auto

mobile glass repair or replacement service or product

covered by the policy".

B.  " Michigan Bureau Of Repair Facility Laws:  Section 4-2:  Defining the

customer in insurance paid transactions: 

b1.  4-2.1 Definition In any repair transaction,the "customer" is the owner

of the  vehicle.....  brought in for service or repair. In a damaged vehicle

transaction, the customer is NOT the insurance company....  unless the

customer has given the insurance company a written, signed

authorization to act as his or her agent in the transaction.

b2.  4-2.2  AuthorizationApproval for repairs, may be given only by the

owner of the vehicle....when repairs are requested."

 C.  Federal  Law:  1963 Federal Consent Decree states  in it's contents what 

was going on with auto insurance companies and how it was affecting the

auto body industry.  It also states They are NOT To have Preferred Repair

Providers, Or Tell You where, or how, your vehicle is  to be repaired , or

have meetings about pricing of repairs, how much their discounts will

be, or a cost ceilings on labor amounts, on parts, their  procurement, 

what kind of parts used, or meetings with other insurance groups to

discuss any of the above, or to black list non participating shops, or

by directing customers/consumers to use the insurance companies 

"preferred", Direct Repair  Program" (DRP) shops.  All of this Is Illegal.   

Click on to our  exclusive 1963 Federal Decree Page to read it in it's

entirety .

3.  "Word Tracks" Used To "Steer" "Direct"  "DRP /Direct Repair Program" To Insurance Companies Direct Repair Facilities Is Illegal.

Your insurance company may say, "You will have to pay the difference for what that shop charges". This "word track" is not correct,  This is called "Coercion" ,and it too is Illegal, as well as, this statement is not according to  most insurance policies under the terms of loss.  Seppala's have dealt with this issue on a daily basis and it is untrue.  (Please, read Your auto insurance policy).   Some auto insurance companies  may say , "We can not warranty the repairs  or labor to your vehicle if you take it to Seppala's."  This "word track"is not correct either. It too is a form of "Coercion" and may be considered a lie.  Legally,  auto insurance companies can not warranty any repairs unless they own the repair facility. All of this is iIlegal too. 

A.  Please Note:  More often then not, There is "Hidden Damages ", inside the engine compartment, behind the bumpers, Inner fender damages. This Is Quite Normal, In any kind of collision,as this happens as it is suppose to to absorb the energy from a collision and helping in less injuries to the occupants.  So, this is why a damaged vehicle's esitimate of repairs may vary, and why additional damage may be found upon opening up the damaged areas, There is often a supplement for these damages which is sent to your insurance company, with pictures of the damages and receipts of the new parts replacing the damaged ones.  The insurance company pays the additional supplement amount of damages, not you the insured/customer.  Minus any deductible that is due.

B.  What Can I say to my agent or insurance company claim person so I may choose Seppala's Auto Body Shop?

Remember, insurance companies with DRP (Direct Repair Programs/Preferred Repair list) like to use"word tracks."  The insurance company may say "Seppala's is not on our list."   This is a form of "Coercion", and "Black Listing/Balling a business that does participates in their DRP.  It too is Illegal. Just, let them know you are aware it is against the law, and know your rights as the vehicle owner and you still want your vehicle repaired at Seppala's Body Shop & Restoration.  Let them know, "I do know they warranty their labor and parts, and are at same market labor rates as other shops in this area."   (Please read your auto policy under Loss Provisions before you have to file a accident/comprehensive claim).  Ifthe insurance company continue to give you a hard time....  Let them know "I do have rights in the repair process of My car/truck.  "I  have read my policy under it's terms of loss, and I know full well, that I  do not have to take my car or truck to the list of shops you gave me.  I know Seppala's is a State of Michigan Licensed and Certified Auto Body Repair Facility, and they have a excellent reputation."

Please, Don't let these "word tracks" used by some insurance companies try to "steer" you to another shop which is not  your choice of Seppala's Body Shop & Restoration . "Steering" is Illegal under the 1963 Federal Decree too

4.  Some of you may be asking "Who is Seppala's  Body Shop & Restoration working for?

Well, this may surprise all of you .    We , at Seppala's are working for you, the owner of your car/cross over vehicle or truck/suv.  You are our Boss.  You sign all of our checks, and You are our first priority.  We care about  your safety , and  those who ride with you, for their safety too in all the repairs to Your vehicle.  We will not compromise on this at anytime.    "Quality With Pride Of  Workmanship"  is our motto, because everything we do shows.  Just as Everyone see's your vehicle when it is banged up in a collision, deer hit, or fender bender  at work or in the grocery store parking lot.  We want to make sure your repairs will not be evident. As they are suppose to be, a "Seamless Repair" . 

So ,  We know and understand how it feels all to well when we call our 1-800 insurance claim center and receive the same as you about who, what and etc. about taking it to our choice of a "Non DRP" repair  shop such as Seppala's Body Shop  & Restoration.

We understand and know how  it needs to repaired too.   That it is your vehicle, you use it to get back and forth to work, school, church, the kids activities or the store.  This is why it is so important to have rental car insurance if you do not have another vehicle to get you from point a to point b.  For pennies on the dollar per month or every six months, you can have the assurance that you do have a back up rental vehicle if yours is in the shop.  For $25-30.00 per day rental, you can be driving a small vehicle while yours is in being repaired.  


We, at Seppala's want you, our customers happy with our work.   We love working on Yourcar/truck , and this is why we are  in this service business.  Which is why we like to work on your cars, and trucks, so we can see your smile. This is  is  important to us.   You,  the customer are the end users of our service business, you can make or break our business.  So, we have to make it count each and every time.  We do want  your vehicle  back to pre-accident  shape, back to how it was before the accident,  and

or better then it was before it was damaged.

Foot Notes: 

Corecion:  compulsion, restrain, force, constraint, restraint, force contraint of person, or in forcing a business as in contract, rules .

 Steer/Steering:  guide, pilot, control, governing of a person, a business, or business ransaction.

Blackballing, Black listing:  To give a negative vote, to give negative conotations, blocks the admission of a person , business, or organizations. Rejection in traditional form, signifies oppostion, otracizing  of a person or business or orgnization socially. 

Word Tracks:  Tricks of the trade, a script used to steer, to persuade a person  into doing something.  Form of corecion.

Please  Note:  This also may pertains to Your Auto Glass/under compresive insurance claims or in your Home Owner insurance polices too.