Seppala's Body Shop & Restoration

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October-May Office Hours:  8-5 Monday through Friday, Sat. By Appointment Only

June-September Office Hours:  Tuesday through Friday 8-5 Sat. By Appointment Only

Celebrating Over 40 Years Of Quality With Pride Of Workmanship Since 1978

Employment Opportunities: Skilled Body person Internships, & Apprentices Openings Available @ Seppala's Body Shop & Restoration

Seppala's is looking for persons who want to work, be on time, and want to learn how to be a craftsman(women), to learn the trade of auto body collision and restoration of early to late model vehicles.  Seppala's can not hire anyone who does illegal drugs such as weed, crack, heroin, hash, etc. for insurance reasons.

Skilled Body Person:  Must have Own Tools & Tool Box, Must be experienced  in early and late model vehicles for restoration and collision repairs/collision related mechanical repairs/old school mechanical work as well is a plus.  Ideal candidate will be able to read/comprehend what was read and follow through with procedures/directions for safe work areas, research for tech info, have basic math and geometry skills, a great memory, and work ethics, with the ability to work in a organized fashion, and keep work areas clean as you go.  Persons applying who are able to follow a job through from tear down to paint (a combination auto body tech) has best chance of landing this job slot.  This position is a commission based job, based upon your skills using quality with pride of workmanship principles.  Previous Job & Personal References are a must and will be checked upon with a signed waiver.  Please Note:  Drug Testing is performed at this facility.   If wired, you are fired.  As it makes for a dangerous work place and liability for our business.


Internships For Enrolled Tech Students

Students in auto tech schools are welcome to be interns after school and on Saturdays during the fall, winter, springtime of the year.  What we expect from the students who apply to Seppala's.

Each intern will need to know the following:

How to read, comprehend what they have read

Have good basic math and basic geometry skills,

A Good memory for dis assembly and re assembly of vehicle in body and mechanical tear downs

A apt'ti-tude to work on cars, trucks, cycles, from early to late models

Basic know how use hand tools and willing to learn how to use pneumatic air tools (having your own tools a plus)

Must be able to acknowledge, be friendly, polite and personable to customers and potential customers at all times during working internship hours

With review and critique of your skills after your internship is finished, you may have a job as a apprentice with Seppala's.


Each Apprentice will need the following:

To be able to read, comprehend what they have read, follow through, and or be able to follow directions given for each repair

Will have good communication skills, will be respectful to superiors, and to customers while working for Seppala's Body Shop & Restoration

Must have cpu skills to research tech repairs and OEM Procedures as needed, if apprentice does not have that information at hand

Each Apprentice will have good basic math and basic geometry skills to see and understand auto/truck dimensions for frame work, repairs to damaged vehicles in suspension, wheel alignment work in a safe and timely manner with in house training using Seppala's equipment.

Will have basic knowledge of dis-assembly of vehicles and re-assembly procedures of mechanical parts and auto/truck body parts

Will know how to use pneumatic air tools with precision and safely, as well as clean up after each procedure, and or each day before leaving for the day.  A clean working shop, is a safe shop to work in.  Which not only   impress's the customers, but impress's insurance estimators, insurance carriers and State of Michigan and City Of Grand Rapids fire inspectors

Be willing to learn new technology as required, and attend tech classes during working hours and after working hours

Each apprentice will adhere to Seppala's "Quality With Pride Of Workmanship"  in their repairs with attention to details at each level of repairs.  This will be benefit everyone working at Seppala's.  As it will keep customers coming back, keeping all of us working steady in auto body and restoration repairs and our customers giving all of us referral work, thus keeping the work circle going round and round .  Because ultimately, the customer is our boss and who pays all of us.  It is not the insurance company, as they are a third party payer for  all  customers repairs.  

Each apprentice will acknowledge they can become a State of Michigan licensed auto body tech, with Seppala's Body Shop & Restoration